Get Precise Measurements with ASPIRE

ASPIRE is a unique and sophisticated software for conductor inspection in the oil industry.

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Existing methods of conductor maintenance typically depend on human operators and routine inspections. These methods are often unsafe, time-consuming and expensive. ASPIRE aims to improve platform safety by introducing a complex data analysis software that allows the risk of conductor failure to be predicted, thereby allowing a focused and efficient inspection schedule to be devised. The benefits of this are that conductor maintenance is less costly, down time is reduced, and any breaches leading to environmental pollution are avoided.

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Non-Piggable Subsea Pipeline Inspection ?

The robotic scanner allows inspection and detection of corrosion without interrupting production. It includes the following features:
■ High sensitivity detection of external and internal corrosion and defects (including through most typical coating thicknesses)
■ Advanced data handling capacity, enabling high inspection speed with a typical coverage of 24m/min
■ Ability to inspect at various subsea depths
■ Minimal surface preparation required prior to inspection due to the electromagnetic technique used
■ No need for liquid coolant, therefore, cheaper to operate

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Sophisticated Data Analysis Algorithms

The ASPIRE software calls upon advanced, cutting-edge algorithms to analyse inspection data. Raw data plots are available along with graphs that show the location of the most serious corrosion. Inspection data is used in a risk analysis that calculates the probability of a conductor failure on a year-by-year basis and predicts the remaining life of the conductor.

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Raw Data Interpretation