Innospection (SME) are specialised in electromagnetic inspection technologies such as Eddy Current and have successfully developed and launched advanced non-destructive testing solutions to the worldwide oil and gas industry for more than a decade. Innospection have specialist robots which can work above and under water in harsh conditions, and are leaders in the field of robotic inspection and data collection on offshore rigs in particular. Innospection have developed a commercial robot (MEC-200+) used for inspection of offshore assets. However, the system lacks the capability to quickly analyse the collected data to make informed decisions on condition status and maintenance planning.

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TWI is a global leader in technology engineering, providing research and consultancy to its members. TWI has advanced inspection, risk analysis and software analysis capabilities. ASPIRE will combine Innospection’s robotics technology with TWI’s intuitive statistical analysis and recommendation software, FittingWISE. The current software has been integrated into Innospection’s MEC-200+ inspection robot. The ability to interpret inspection data has been successfully demonstrated.

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iknowhow (IKH) is an SME founded in 2002. It has undertaken more than 40 web development and IT projects for Greek private and public institutions and local subsidiaries of international organisations. The company focusses on developing cloud-based systems for storing and analysing data. IKH supported TWI in the development of the data analysis functionality of the FittingWISE software. They will ensure the cloud-based system for analysing and storing inspection/maintenance recommendation data is fine-tuned and works perfectly with the inspection robot to meet the specific needs of the oil sector.

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ASSIST Software, SME, founded in 1992, is present on the international market as a supplier of innovative solutions, adding business value through technology implementation. ASSIST Software develops complex software solutions in emerging fields such as mobile and web-based custom business applications, e-commerce, e-payment, e-security, e-health and enterprise and resource planning, entertainment and the gaming industry. ASSIST is focused on developing powerful and cutting edge applications, that allow it to offer solutions which provide real business benefits. ASSIST will contribute to the delivery of the final commercial system by leading the elaborate testing and debugging of the enhanced software and ensuring certification according to TickIT plus.

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Founded in 2013 as part of the wider Catapult programme – a government-supported network of elite technology and innovation centres, each with their own specific sector focus – TSC’s remit is to transform the UK’s capability for innovation within the transport sector and to help drive future economic growth.

The company does this by using in-house expertise to identify and overcome market failures, and by bringing together industry and academia to accelerate the development of new products and services. TSC also works with public bodies to help shape a regulatory environment in which these products and services can be successfully trialled and brought rapidly to market, as well as overseeing their own cutting-edge trials and demonstrations.

Ensuring that the UK capitalises on this new and exciting market, creating jobs and growth in the UK economy, is the primary objective of the Transport Systems Catapult.

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